5.1 Surround Sound … Open Yourself Up to a New Experience


There are literally hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of surround-capable computer gaming and home theater system installs in the world … and yet, the 5.1 surround experience remains obscured in its own set of technicalities, codec issues and even speaker order differences. Hell, even for me, setting up a system to play back discrete 5.1 from a DTS-CD can be an exercise in friggin’ futility.

BUT … When you take the time to understand your system and to go out and buy quality surround music, a whole new world of audio experience will be opened up to you. I remember as a kid, holding the wide flaps of a double album behind my ears and listening to the disc in a whole new way. Just doing that created reflections to the rear of my ears that brought the music to life.

If you have a discrete 5.1 surround system … an easy way to get into surround is to go onto ebay and search for “DTS 5.1 surround music”. In my humble opinion, a “DTS-CD” will provide the easiest way to experience hi-def 5.1 music, with a minimum of hassle. If you experience problems, you might take a look at a post that I did when I was setting up my own second playback studio. It’s not always easy … but once you have your system setup … if you’re open to a new experience … I PROMISE that it will rock your sonic world.