Personal notes:

  • Add 1/2 second to all mixes (2.0 and 5.1.4), then make sure that all mixes are of the same length (requirement for Distrokid)

  • Enamble Solo - projects and mixconsole/enable solo on selected track

  • templates can be found in [doc & settings/all users/templates]

Key Commands:

  • Select the track that you want to make the lenth of the export and simply press "p"

  • "e" for export

  • rename track - old down shift key and press "enter"

Faderport User Settings

  • user/edit/edit channel settings

Master Out Monitor Settings

  • adopt the -1dB (FS) max level rule

  • master volume fader (-20 on the internal mixer)

  • nuendo cr out -3 max mix level

  • nuendo cr out -10 standard low-level mix lexel

  • interface headphone 2 level -1 (to Boze portable)

master out low cut : Reduces the possibility of low-end rumble (in red)