nuendo cristmas list

  1. lfe level in multi-panner: When inserting a mono or stereo multi-panner instance into an immersive project, the lfe level doesn't show up in the panner. It should ALWAYS show up (maybe just below the pan indicator). The rule - any time the panner shows anything other than mono or stereo, it should ALWAY (under all conditions) show the lfe level control. This is a major flaw for us immersive folk, and simple to fix.

  2. In "sampler" I'd like to see the ability to do multi-sample layering. This would be useful for instruments that have multiple samples that could be placed into zones.

    1. Maybe have the ability to save sampler files as a whole, so they can be easily saved to disk or swapped between users.

  3. The send pre/post indicator thing has plagued me for years. It seems that the default is orange (I remember you saying that it accidentally got swapped with the pre (blue) color years back. I'm dyslexic and the pre/post indicator icon seems counterintuitive. Could it be made to be a button that easily shows what is pre and what is post. Do other people have this problem?

  4. Could you guys make it so that resetting the peak meter level on either the mixer and the edit window meter will reset them both ... right now, you have to reset them each individually.

  5. Could you guys give magneto a pair of really cool moving reels? ... Just for the fun of it.

  6. Sometimes, the zoom function in the mixer window will get lost and the mixer width will resize. At this time you have to reselect the mixer zoom, resize back to normal, and then unselect it again ... a bit of a pain.

  7. In Mixer Delay, I'd like to be able to solo multiple speakers (ctrl + click?). Right now, you can only select one at a time.

  8. I've recently run across an overload situation with the Steinberg limiter. With all signals showing as not being in overload, I've has distortion on certain percussive string instrument parts (piano, acoustic guitar). Replacing it with UAD's Precision Limiter solved the problem. Thought you'd like to know, as it's something that's really hard to chase down in a session, and there it was at the final part of the entire chain.