Dolby Atmos

Personal Notes:

  • Add 1/2 second to all mixes (2.0 and 5.1.4), then make sure that all mixes are of the same length (requirement for Distrokid)

Here is the channel layout for Nuendo and the general Steinberg convention... l,r,c,lfe,ls, rs, sl, sr, tfl, tfr, trl, trr

When rendering to a binaural mix, one might consider turning off the l,r,c in the renderer.

renderer output level should be:

integrated (average level): no greater than -18 lufs
peak : no greater than -1 lufs

Binaural Export:

  • Open atmos_514_adm_object-export (assigns all channels as an object)

  • Turn off DearVR Monitor and turn on "binaural" render in the renderer

  • Make sure that a stereo mix bus is added and "set as main mix"

  • Select the entire waveform length "p"

  • Use the normal export