• Monitoring

  • Immersive Audio

  • Open Discussion

– When you and your ears “know enough” to make the call … spend your $$$ or wise-choices power here ($3k guitar or killer speakers)

Symmetry in studio design

  • placement

  • desk or hanging?

  • LEDE studio design (a possible approach … meaning reducing reflections behind the speakers)

  • speaker spacing

  • speaker (desktop) isolation

  • active vs passive

Rule #2 (it seem that there actually is a rule) = KNOW THY SPEAKERS OR HEADPHONES

All hell is breaking loose with me right now regarding monitoring

  • Monolyth M1060 planar headphones

  • Bose Sounklink

  • JBL Series3 mk2

    • Elliot and Mick Guzowski

American vs. British speaker design

  • Alt speaker sets (2nd pair, portable “Bose”, earbuds, laptop … yes, laptop speakers)

  • desert island albums: take copies of your fave songs/albums with you to listen over outside studio monitors. It will help you get your footing.

  • listening from outside the room ... around the door

  • This is a great way to get a foothold on the best vocal level

speaker level calibration (very important)

  • tone generator in DAW or recorded tracks (generate pink noise)

  • SPL meter (preferable) or SPL meter on phone

  • Balance levels on the speakers or amp controls


– why immersive? ... (I don't need to, I'll never need it)

▪ it’s fun

▪ it teaches you a lot about production

▪ If you’re wanting to get into any of these … you’ll have to.

  • film

  • TV

  • gaming

  • VR

Binaural (mrt9 p 69)

  • inter-aural intensity differences

  • inter-aural arrive-time differences

  • effects of the pinnae (outer ears)

My experiences in Berin in the 1980's ...


  • Uses complex math to create a binaural mix

  • Certain DAWs (Nuendo and Reaper) are able to encode, mix and playback in these formats

  • 1st order (4tks), 2nd order (8 tks) and 3rd order (16 tks) ... each with increased resolution

Discrete Speaker Setup

  • 5.1

  • what is the .1?

    • Earthquake

    • -10db on encode & +10db on decode (playback) ... this was because of early optical audio track systems

    • LFE vs SUB

    • SUB setup

System setup

  • 5.1.4 (what does that mean?)

DMH's new workflow

  • stereo mix

  • 5.1.4 mix (with height rules that allow the height channels to be summed into 5.1 using a special Auro codec)


  • object oriented (explain)

  • scalable (explain)

  • Uses object oriented metadata to create a binaural mix

  • Certain DAWs (Nuendo, PT, Logic and Reaper) are able to encode, mix and playback in these formats

The Problems and/or misconceptions

  • requires hardware (at this point) decoding to playback Atmos

  • Pretty much requires a new audio system

  • Atmos over streaming services (particularly music streaming) isn't Atmos at all, but is a binaural rendering of an Atmos mix (maybe)

  • The buzz word in and of itself is causing lots of confusion ... and Dolby seems to be feeding on this

Delivery formats

  • streaming

  • bluray

Atmos rendering to binaural (again, full of confusion)