Rio Spring 2022

Travel from Seattle to Orlando to Panama City to Rio. This is probably Panama City Airport. 

So, We arrived into Rio at 12:30 in the morning, We were both super nervous that we'd be stranded at the airport, but there was a really nice guy that spoke no English waiting with a Dan and Dave sign. So, off we rode Northeast from Rio into the mountains at god knows what hour at a really fast speed. Further and further out of town we rode, higher and higher and more into the jungle. We were both hoping that we were in the right car (there could be only one Dave and Dan, right)? We got settled into the bedroom, and listened to the waterfall that was just outside our bedroom window. Next morning we woke up to one of the most amazing homes I've ever seen. 

Not only that, it had a full digital and analog music studio just outside in an adjacent building ... complete with A full Neve console. 

There was a full recording session, where we made several friends of the artist and Dave really had a great time getting to know Phillipe, the assistant. 

During all this, Andre  was kind enough to let us stay with him in a local RB&B that was amazing in it's own right. 

Of course, there was lots of fun. We rented a 35' boat and headed into the ocean where Dave went into the ocean and swam for the 2nd time in his life. 

We also had a day at Ipanema Beach, where I spent time bashing into the waves. 

Coming back from Rio, we had a chance to take a look at Pepe's vinyl pressing plant which is doing very well. 

What also touched me, so much, was Rio itself ... amazing people, full of life and just felt so comfortable. Here are a few pics from the city's botanical gardens. 

Berlin Spring 2022

Dan and I decided to rent an RBB in Kreuzberg near the nhow hotel. It's a new kind of place in a super-trendy part of town. Not our put-o-tea at all, but we thought we'd give it a try for a month.

Molecule Man is just behind the building, just across the river from Native Instruments.

Dan's a "get out in the morning and have coffee kind guy, so off to our favorite hang "Romeo and Romeo's" we went.

Lot of antique shops are in the area. I got a piece of glass to take to Wien.

I put this pic in because the pic is made from small pieces of color fabric .... pretty cool.

Did some various outings on our own and with good buddies.

A plaster technique tat was used by my dad ... nice to see it in use.

My fave building in Berlin.

Time to throw our favorite eating places into the mix

Best Swarma in Berlin, so far ...

Trip to Werder with Klaus and Stephan

Then off to the Hollendar Quartier in Potsdam

Wien Spring 2022

Wiener Deevan is a fave place for us to eat in Wien. Excellent Indian style food ...

Favorite Doner place on FavoritenStrasse

Trip back tp Berlin trough Prague

Back to Berlin ...

Time with Klaus and Stephan up north in the country ...

Trip to Hamburg to see Holger

Time with Dom. Louie was having a really bad day ...

Back to the USSA ... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Easy Street Huevos Rancheros