Dear VR Monitor

I have come to rely upon  Dear VR Monitor for my 5.1.4 mixes, as they provide a standard reference alternative to my 5.1.4 speaker array. Basically, I now start by mixing in headphones. Once done, I will check against the speakers and then move back to the headphones for a final reference check. It is very quickly changing the way that I both produce and mix in the studio.

Simply plug DVRM into the monitor section of your DAW (with all of the proper 5.1.4. assignments) and off you go. One catch, though ... I don't use the standard out-of-the-box settings. Here is the setting that I use:

Dear VR and Plugin Alliance:

As a 4X Grammy-nominated producer/artist in the immersive category, I've worked in many immersive studios and have my own production room with PMC speakers. Over the years, I've been able to fine-tune my room to the point that I feel I can finally trust it. With my purchase of Dear VR Monitor from Plugin Alliance, I feel like my whole mixing world has changed. Now, I actually have two sets of monitoring references in 5.1.4. I can't tell you how much of a blessing this is for me. Now, when traveling, I found that I can get a 5.1.4 mix about 90% in the ballpark. When I get home, I can then dial the rest of the mix in my studio ... and then go back to the headphones for a final check.

Your upgrade with specific headphone modeling also came into my life at just the right time. I recently got a pair of Monoprice M1060 Planar headphones, which are basically copies of the Audese LCD2 headphones. Your modeling for the LCD2's REALLY improved the sound of the 1060's, to the point that they almost sound like you're in the studio (not a small feat).

In short, thank you for a product that is literally changing my production life. 

David Miles Huber (Dave) 

Dear DearVR, Achim and Christian:

Hey all ... David Miles Huber here, I'm a 4x Grammy nominated artist (Seattle/Berlin) who works primarily in immersive audio.

Until DearVR Monitor came along, I worked exclusively in my studio with my PMC monitors in a 5.1.4 configuration. Then DearVR Monitor came along and changed everything!

At first, I was using DVRM with my trusty Sony MDR-7506 phones .... then everything changed when I got my Monolith m1060 planar headphones. Out-of-the-box these phones are

simply ok, but then you guys came out with the update and I was able to apply the settings for the Audeze LCD2 phones (which the m1060's are modeled after for 1/8 the cost).

Seriously, I've begun mixing on the headphones in 5.1.4, as they are more accurate than my PMC system.

Here are my notes on my settings and thoughts ... just FYI:

Also, FYI ... your modeling for the Sony MDR-7506 sounds pretty bad (in my humble opinion).

Feel free to stay in touch and all the best,