Gamma (the berlin Remix, chill and original versions) was born out of the concept of representing light through music, specifically those aspects of light that are beyond our ability to perceive. Like so many things in life, not all things of beauty can be readily seen by the naked eye. It’s good to take the time to dig deeper to see what’s behind the façade of what lay before us … the inner, unseen radiance that is all around us. Created and produced in Seattle and Berlin by David Miles Huber (, this project guides the listener through space and time, engaging the senses in new and immersive ways.

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Uploaded: November 24, 2018
Release date: December 1, 2014
DK UPC: 193666735314

Lumina ISRC: QZES81820332
Spectra ISRC: QZES81820333
Ultraviolet ISRC: QZES81820334
Radiance ISRC: QZES81820335
Chroma ISRC: QZES81820336

Most of GAMmA was produced and recorded with the help of Steinberg’s Nuendo DAW software, largely using the UAD2 card for effects and Steven Slate’s Raven touch screen controller. The project was initially recorded using only stereo tracks (sometimes up to 80 of them) and produced from the ground-up in stereo (in the past, I’d often produce the project first in 5.1). Within the session, a great deal of sub-grouping was done, as the project was made up of several groupings of software, hardware and live acoustic instruments … I’d definitely recommend the use of grouping (and track coloring) as a way of making the process easier to identify and control.

I also have the good fortune of also being able to live and produce my music in Berlin. My Wonung (apartment) is simple, but amazingly powerful. Don’t let the small size of these speakers fool you, they’re PMCs and are amazingly accurate and my Acer PC laptop doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the phrase “No, I can’t” … no matter what I throw at it, it keeps chugging along.

Once the initial electronic and live instrument tracks were added, we went into London Bridge Studios (Nirvana, 3 Doors Down, Alice In Chains’, Nickelback, etc.) in Seattle, a studio that’s known for its killer drum sound to record drums for the project, using multiple mics as well as distant room mics to add a liveness to the electronic project.

London Bridge Studios is also know for its really sweet Neve 8048 analog console, which added its usual warmth to the drum mix.

15 minutes in the life of recording drums (with John Ewing) for DMH’s GAMmA at London Bridge Studios, Seattle … You’ll notice that as the composer, I had to conduct certain passages for several songs. This’s why I’ll always choose drummers that are also percussionists. It makes all the difference.

DMH joins Scott Winkinson to talk about his latest Bluray Pure Audio Disc “gamma”

Once the tracks have been completed, they came back to Berlin, where the tracks were painstakingly programmed in loop form into Ableton’s Live DAW system. This allowed the project to be performed live (both on stage and in the studio). In this case, the “Live” tracks were performed at the 8th-floor studios at nhow Hotel in Berlin, being digitally captured in a way that allowed the performance to be re-inserted back along with the original mix tracks to create a dance mix that lifts the tempo and the spirits.

It was quite the interesting process to master this project, but then to continue further and assemble plus do QC (quality control) for the bluray disc proved to be quite the task. In my case, I was pretty much the only person who could’ve done this, as when I found a problem with the mix, I was able to export the song tracks and then assemble them back into the continuous track files. Trust me, it wasn’t easy and generally took a day for each output format.

project info:

Gamma (Berlin Mix)
Uploaded: November 24, 2018
Release date: December 1, 2014
DK UPC: 193666735314

Lumina (Berlin Mix) ISRC: QZES81820332
Spectra (Berlin Mix) ISRC: QZES81820334
Ultraviolet (Berlin Mix) ISRC: QZES81820334
Radiance (Berlin Mix) ISRC: QZES81820335
Chroma (Berlin Mix) ISRC: QZES81820336

Song Credits:

Music: David Miles Huber
Engineer: David Miles Huber
Mastering: David Miles Huber and Emiliano Caballero Fraccaroli
Additional engineer: Emiliano Caballero Fraccaroli
Drums: John Ewing
Recording: Drums recorded at London Bridge Studios, Seattle
Recording: Recorded in Seattle/WA/USA and Berlin/Deutschland
Recording: Ableton production and performance by DMH at nhow Hotel/Berlin/Deutchland
Mixing: Mixed in Seattle/WA/USA and at Galaxy Studios/Mol/Belgium

Thank you:

Daniel Eric Butler (my husband, partner and best friend)
nhow Hotel and the folks at Soundfloor, Berlin
Dominik Trampf, Berlin
Everyone at Galaxy Studios, Mol, Belgium
Steinberg Media Technologies Gmbh (studio DAW – Nuendo)
Ableton AG (performance DAW – Live)
Universal Audio Inc. (powered DAW audio plug-ins)
PMC Speakers (professional studio monitors)
Steven Slate Audio Inc. (touch video monitors)
Zerodebug (TouchAble performance/studio application for the iPad)

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Press Releases

CEPro press release: The electronic dance and downtempo music composer David Miles Huber has released a brand new album, “GAMmA” natively mixed in the Auro-3D immersive sound format created by Auro Technologies.

The album, produced and released through the Auro-3D Creative Label, supplies hi-resolution, multi-channel mix versions, including Stereo: The Berlin Remixes, Stereo: The Chill Mixes, 5.1 Surround Version: The Berlin Remixes and the 9.1 Auro-3D: The Original Mixes, which offers a three-dimensional immersive listening experience.

“GAMmA” is described as the expression of light and color through the medium of music.