ua 4-710d preamp


My personal production studio is pretty special, but outside of my main studio monitors, there's nothing that stands out as being completely top-of-the-line studio grade. So, when the opportunity to get the 4-710d preamp from Universal audio presented itself, I jumped at the chance.

As the name suggests, it's equipped with 4 UA 710 mic preamps that are hybrid .  It's literally continuously tunable from having a transistor circuit to a fully tube circuit (and all combinations in-between). Sounds nice and rich and as one might expect, the tube sound works really well on mic (especially my tube mics), but changes the tonal charater of electronic sounds (which is easily fixed by dialing over to the transistor side f the settings). Basically, this puppy also has 4 1176-style compressors that can be used with fast or slow attack settings. All this for the price of a similar mic pre. Add to this the ability to output to ADAT optical outs and you have a very cost-effective device that'll add pro sound, control and good looks to your system.