personal mastering techniques


I’ve had a few requests to pass along my mastering tips & tricks. Let’s start off with the fact that these are MY approaches to mastering for my music … Nothing more.

So, should you do your own mastering? That’s a big question … And depends upon your skill level. As far as I’m concerned, you can do your own mastering, if you’re willing to put in the time to check the mixes, step back from your work and listen critically … It’s all about skill, artistry and a willingness to get burned when you screw up (and you will at first). So, with that lets get started with what “I” do to master my stuff.

The sweet part of all of this is that once you’re done, you can make changes at any point and the timings, overall EQs and any other settings won’t be effected. Simply – remix, export and place it into the final project … No muss, no need to remaster … the final mix is ready!

Sounds easy … But if you’re a perfectionist like me, this can go on and on until you’re happy. But … you can always go back and make changes easily at any time. Put simply, it takes a bit more time to setup initially (although not that much) … But, once you’re done, changes are a breeze.

Have fun!