vl musik

VL musik was DMH's first electronic music project. created in the early '80s, the 8-basic tracks of this project were made using the casio vl-tone synth. seen as a toy by many, the vl-tone has shown up on countless dance hits, and is produced here before MIDI came on the scene. now, using modern tech, vl-musik is reborn as an EP dance project.

"FREE" hi-res stereo files on Bandcamp

Cat has Caught the Eye - This track conjures up the feeling of hangin' out at a hip disco in '82 on a saturday night, where sex, drugs and lots of "goin's on" are in the air. it tugs at the emotions of being thrust into the middle of "the beautiful people" crowd... and all the good, bad and the ugly feelings that comes with being new to the "in" scene

The below painting, which was finished on 02/27/2022, is my visual impression of this track ...

Frozen in Motion - This is ultimately all about falling into young love with someone who is soooo physically beautiful, but is emotionally not ready for any commitment. i'm sure you've been there at one time or another.

The below painting, which was finished on 02/22/2022, is my visual impression of this track ...

Rain - The last of the 4 songs on vl musik. the song's subject is a combination of my remembrances of Berlin in '76, the head of RIAS (a tall, grey-haired man), my partner Dan and my recent times in Berlin. I tried writing the lyrics in a near alpha-state, a technique that I've been reading about... and it worked. did the whole lyrics in 15 minutes!

15 years later, the tracks were transferred to steinberg's nuendo DAW by scott colburn at audio wizardry studios in seattle.

Track sheet to cat has caught the eye.

Originally recorded to 1/2" 8-track tape in the 80's

In addition to the original vl tone tracks, the Casio VL1 vst plugin was used in the post-production process.

project info:

release/catalogue numbers: 51bpm-002

original release date: 12/1982
re-release date: 01/13/2019

genre: electronic, IDM, dance, surround

tag keywords: 51bpm David Miles Huber chamberland parallax eden colabs electronic IDM uptempo downtempo grammy nominated surround 5.1 MRT modern recording techniques

production credits:

David Miles Huber - producer/artist (seattle/berlin)

special thanks goes to my partner, Dan Butler; the folks at steinberg; NARAS (the grammys); galaxy studios & galaxy interactive (belgium); youngstown cultural arts center (seattle); big arts labs (la); glenn sound (seattle); north american pro audio; mxl mics;