The idea behind colabs is simple… each song is a colaboration between David Miles Huber and a different artist from north america, the uk and europe. The songs are innovative and diverse in style and include original compositions, as well as re-works of rock and traditional jazz standards. Each of the artist are true innovators in the fields of electronic, traditional americana and jazz music and it is an honor to work with each of them. One thing’s for certain… the resulting project is a truly unique and innovative musical experience that’ll grab your attention from the very first downbeat.

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Allen Hart / DMH – track 1 “Old Time Banjo – 51bpm Colabs Mix” – 2:47

Allan Hart was a renaissance banjo man (In Remembrance of Al Hart), playing classical banjo, minstrel-era stroke style, ragtime… and even more arcane historical styles. Allen has also immersed himself in the study of traditional African-American banjo styles. Here, he plays a reproduction of a civil-war banjo in style of the era… “with a collaborative twist”

Dj Cut-Rite / DMH – track 2 “Apollo” – – 7:17

Alec DeMeyer (Dj Cut-Rite) has been laying down grooves for over a decade. In 2004 he moved to Seattle, WA and dedicated his life to producing Electronic music for social change. In the wake of 9/11 he decided to incorporate the traditional sounds of cultures from around the world into his music to promote global tolerance and understanding and to preserve cultural identities

Seren Wen / DMH – track 3 “Cosmic Birthday Boy” – – 7:23

Seren Wen (“White Star” in Welsh – Aberystwyth/Scarborough, UK) likes to write poetry mainly for her own pleasure, but occasionaly enjoy the privilege of having her words heard by a wider audience. Einstein said – imagination is more important than intelligence – all these thoughts keep her awake at night

Musetta / DMH – track 4 “Ophelia’s Song – 51bpm Colabs Mix” – – 9:28

Musetta (Matteo Curcio and Marinella Mastrosimone – milan, italy) have their roots in electronic music, jazz and east-indian classical music. The tasty and ever-so-sultry music of this amazing duo is best served in the still of the night, preferably while soaking in a hot bath by candlelight with your favorite tipple at hand

Henta / DMH – track 5 “Oceanis” – – 6:40

Originally from the UK, Henta is now a Seattle-based inspirational singer/songwriter and recording artist. She writes heartfelt compositions with both spiritual and secular lyrical content and her lush and unique music encompasses engaging and timeless melody with pop and electronic sensibilities and ethereal vocals

Marcell Marias / DMH – track 6 “Revolution – 51bpm Colabs Mix” – – 5:58

Marcell Marias is a Seattle-based producer and performer with several CD releases and film/video soundtrack credits. His musical style ranges from ambient and downtempo, to house, breaks and drum & bass, often performing shows in surround sound with synchronized visuals

Gail Pettis / DMH – track 7 “Summertime – 51bpm Colabs Mix” – – 7:12

Three-time nominee and recent winner of Earshot Golden Ear Awards “Northwest Vocalist of the Year,” and recent First Place winner of the Seattle-Kobe Female Jazz Vocalist Audition, Gail is a welcome addition to the Pacific Northwest jazz scene. Gail’s style is at once subtle and elegant, sultry and soulful, with a tone that inspires comparisons to Nancy Wilson, Sarah Vaughn and Carmen McRae

12.02.2009 – the colabs DTS surround CD has been nominated for a Grammy in the 5.1 surround sound category!

• colabs

David Miles Huber, surround mix engineer; David Miles Huber, surround mastering engineer; David Miles Huber, surround producer (David Miles Huber, Allen Hart, DJ Muad’Deep, Seren Wen, Musetta, Henta, Marcell Marias & Gail Pettis)


I love the aesthetics of this mix! It is so rich and colorful! When I listen to it, I get the feeling you get when you look at the paintings of Van Gogh, for example…feeling of warm nights and gentle summer breeze. I especially like the wideness of the stereo imaging! – a fan in Belgrade, Serbia

nice & organic… Mr. Bill, Sydney, Australia –

project info:

Uploaded: December 3, 2018
Release date: June 1, 2008
DK UPC: 193666458749

Old Time Banjo (feat. Allen Hart) ISRC: QZES81866429
Apollo (feat. DJ MuaDeep) ISRC: QZES81866430
Cosmic Birthday Boy (feat. Seren Wen) ISRC: QZES81866431
Ophellias Song (feat. Musetta) ISRC: QZES81866432
Oceanis (feat. Henta) ISRC: QZES81866433
Revolution (feat. Marcell Marias) ISRC: QZES81866434
Summertime (feat. Gail Pettis) ISRC: QZES81866435

song credits:

Music: David Miles Huber
Engineer: David Miles Huber
Mastering: David Miles Huber
Recording: Recorded in Seattle/WA/USA
Guitar: Ari Joshua
Guitar: recorded at Youngtown Cultural Arts Center, Seattle/WA/USA
Mixing: Mixed in Seattle/WA/USA

special thanks goes to my partner, Dan Butler; the folks at steinberg; NARAS (the grammys); galaxy studios & galaxy interactive (belgium); youngstown cultural arts center (seattle); big arts labs (la); glenn sound (seattle); north american pro audio; mxl mics

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