immersive mixing

5.1.4 mixing of my projects ... So, the process of explaining begins. First off, I'm a Nuendo user. That's my baby! The second device that makes this all possible is my Steinberg UR816C interface. It makes it possible to drive all of my 10 (9.1) speakers from one volume control, using an interface that costs $600 instead of $6000.

The next part is to use a pink noise generator or track segment to calibrate your levels throughout the 5.1.4 speakers setup and then adjust your levels (roughly at the speakers themselves first, if you want). I do this using the Nuendo MixerDelay plugin. The last step is to measure the distance from the mi head position to each speaker (in cm). The most distant speaker becomes your 0 reference and enter in the corresponding delay  for each speaker. This last step is way more important than you might think, as it really brings the 5.1.4 mix into sharp focus.

Since Nuendo doesn't band-limit the LFE channel, the StudioEQ can be inserted and then routed "ONLY" to the LFE channel.

The biggest factor that is changing the way that I work can be traced to a few factors:

With all of these in place, I can finally hear what's in my mixes with relative certainty ... I haven't had this in over 10 years! I'm a happy guy!

The next part of the equation, for when you want to check your mix over headphones. is the use of the Dear VR Monitor binaural immersive  system that allows me to listen to 1 9.1 mix over headphones. This is done by setting up Nuendo in the usual fashion, while placing Dear VR Monitor into the 5.1.4. studio monitoring plugin chain. Put on your headphones and off you go! I have modified my monitor settings from the standard ones ... here's a screen shot.

For monitoring over headphones, I've pulled my trusty Sony MDR-7506 phones out of their 15 year retirement. They work perfectly and have been used in the biz for many decades. Unlike the fads of today these $100 headphones are truly an industry standard.

mix over headphones in 5.1.4

check your mixes with an actual 5.1.4 speaker setup

It's interesting that, for the most part, the headphone mixes got me 80 - 90% there with the mix. Was able to finesse the 3 albums that I mixed on phones in only 3 days of light mixing work. 

Quality control check with 5.1.4 headphones

First impressions: This is easy to write down on paper, but the truth is, going back to headphones after working with an actual 5.1.4. speaker setup is a letdown. Speakers just sound so much more natural in immersive. After a half hour or so, I am beginning to settle back into the headphone setup - it's just quite the transition.