Roads was written/produced/performed by David Miles Huber at Media Designers in Bloomington, Indiana, just after having returned from working in NYC in July of 1979. It's a unique ambient project in that the basic goal was to play instruments in ways that they weren't necessarily intended to be played. This wasn't always possible (i.e. piano, recorder, etc.)... but it's an early project that I'm proud of and am finally throwin' it out to the public for free.

"FREE" hi-res stereo files on Bandcamp

Originally recorded on am MCI JH-16 multitrack that basically had no brakes, which allowed for a bit of added creativity

Here is the final (and probably 40 year old) master tape.

travlin': The birds were recorded early in the morning, with a clock being recorded to another track (oh yeah, percussion was recorded over the studio’s intercom phone). The flute was recorded both in a traditional fashion, while another flute “whale” was recorded at half speed.

ahead: This short & crazy montage made use of an MCI JH16 16-track recorder that didn't have any reel breaks. The piece contains about 30+ edits… Patty Yamaguchi (the studio secretary) and I held about 10 helium balloons and released them on cue… fun piece.

outreach: Again, the perc was recorded over the phone… a vocal was recorded half speed and played backwards. Standard overdubbed vocals were placed over the piece… a plaintive piece! Oh yea, let’s not forget the wok gong at the end!

4 corners: Ocarina (all in one pass), piano melody with a sustain piano bass overdub… Has always been a fave of mine!

encounter: Flute, oilcan and a percussion section that consisted of a banjo, bass and acoustic guitar. Did I mention that I had no clothes on during the entire session. Some astute guy actually picked up on the composition’s sexual undertones.

project info:

release/catalogue numbers: 51bpm-001DL (stereo download)
upc numbers: 715352000126
release date: (c)(p) 1979 David Miles Huber
genre: electronic, IDM, ambient

tag keywords: 51bpm David Miles Huber parallax eden colabs roads electronic IDM uptempo grammy nominated surround 5.1 MRT modern recording techniques