m1060 headphones

Monolith m1060 planar headphones


The m1060 are said to be Chinese copies of the Audese LCD2 cans. I love that the Audese's advertise themselves as being "A kiss of darkness". That's just another way to say that they're designed to sound relatively dull (I "suspect" that this is an aspect of the planar design). Out of the box, the M1060  are likewise dull, with a clear and present bass that has to be experienced to be believed.

Well, it just so happened, that the day after I got the 1060's, the Folks at Dear VR updated their monitor plugin to be tailored to various headphones, including the m1060's. In short, when I put DearVR Monitor with the below settings (actually, I've come to prefer the LIN phase setting in Monitor and a bit of EQ in the high-end in the monitor section).

NO JOKE, this combination sounds like a top studio (I've been and worked in many). The sound is so accurate and full, it would take $50k worth of room, speakers to pull this off. More than amazing, truly astounding!

Actually, sitting in a room with a full 5.1.4 studio speaker setup around me, it's sometimes possible to forget that I'm listening to headphones.