free skully poster

Here’s your very own “skully” poster to have, print & to hold. His native PDF size is 11″ x 17″ … Just click on him and enjoy! DMH

The story behind Skully goes like this … Basically, I’ve always loved skeletons. I don’t know why. I’ve asked a lot of folks who wear skeleton stuff and none of us know why … we just have fun with it all. Long ago and far away, I went to a very good buddy George Long (He was very young then and still is a young, imaginative and very successful tattoo artist in Seattle). After a few years of deciding, George inked (and forever linked) me with Skully. Several years ago, I went to an amazing graphics artist and designer Gideon Klindt from Portland, Oregon. Upon giving him the basic specs … he designed the Skully Poster. I’ve loved it ever since!