At this point in my life

Well, I'm now not only approaching 70, I'm facing head-on several milestones in my life that I've been working on (or putting off) for practically ever.

First off, I've just finished ALL of the stereo mixes of all of my work and the 5.1 surround mixes of most of the larger projects. This is a biggie for me as I'm one of those that is perpetually trying to improve my mixes. In the end, its process that isn't good for the creative of personal soul ... so, I'm done! These works can be best found, as ever, on bandcamp https://davidmileshuber.bandcamp.com ... Go ahead and take a listen.

There are several other huge goals that I'm working on ... one is making both Europe and the US our home. If I don't do this in the next few years ... I probably never will ... and that just won't do. The second, I'm keeping as my personal secret (it's a don't jinx it kinda thing). So far, only one person has noticed, but after a whille it'll be impossible not to notice. If you do notice, feel free to let me know ...
So, yes, it is a time of change ...

Hugs, DMH

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