strathmore notebook

This notebook was drawn when I was probably 22 or 23 years old. It captures the imagination of my thoughts about life, future abodes and my first motorcycle.

This was a house design that I thought was cool ... it was drawn WAY before designs like this were ever seen, let alone fashionable.

This is a house design that I still truly love. It moves from a bedroom loft above/kitchen-bath below, to a semi-outdoor loft area with skylights, to an outdoor deck.

Just a logo of some sort ...

I obviously was thinking about building a studio/house ...

A wall flat idea that I saw in either LA or London ...

A dimmable control-room film that would slide between the glass.

A new type of tape machine controller ... back in the analog days.

A drawing of my first motorcycle. I had to stop because it got dark. Speaking of dark, I remember riding on a country road when my lights went totally out. That was fun!