So, in 1987, I was working in Vancouver, BC and was looking to get out of BC back to the US. I truly fell in love with the Skagit Valley and could feel the power of the land there. One day, I took a trip to a real estate office in La Conner. Upon askng if somethingg was available, he said ... abolutely not ... I asked "are you sure", whereby he found 2 1/2 acres of land. We took a ride up and I bought it, there and then.

I camped out and knew exactly where te house should be ... began taking my VW bug "Arty" and began to plow a driveway by driving over the brush.

Lake 16 was a 5 minute walk from the cabin ... named afte Fire District 16.

One of the fist things that I didwhenI got to seattle was to buy this Sony TV/radio ... it was much more expensive than a regular TV.  I wanted something that when it was turned off didn't dominate the room.

Got the kit for the house from for, which I bought for about $12,000 .... It came on a single truck with an instruction booklet that was pretty useless. 

Invited a bunch of buddies from both Seattle and Vancouver and we got to work on puting together the foundation.

When we got to the 2nd floor, we needed a pro. Hired (Walter?) a retired teacher who knew contruction to help in a way that was cost-effective.

At the tme, there was no city water, so we had t go about digging a well. At first, we got a well dig company to help and this got really expensive really fast. My Dad could witch for water, but the comany said NO, don't even think about it. After too much money was spent, I hired an older native lady taht was know as the best in the county. It was raining cats and dogs, but she said it didn't matter ... "dig 60 feet right here!" ... it ended up being 9 feet and we lived off of that well for 20+ years.

The way that I would always explain the cabin was ... Take your fairland idea of a cabin and that is what it basically was! A magical place ... especially in the snow!

Christmas was always magical!

Sparky and his buddy!

We were total regulars at the Conway Tavern ...

Built a larger wood shed in the front ... we had more wood than we knew what to do with!

Our Nissan Leaf electric car had just enough battery to get us to the cabin ... though we had to charge half way.

We even made a really cool post box for us and the neighbors ...